Public Facing Register

You can use this public register to check whether a social care worker’s registration is valid and appropriate for their job or if it has been granted with any conditions. The absence of a record does not necessarily mean that the worker is not registered. 

You can search by name, town where the social care worker is currently employed, or by social care registration number. The most effective way of searching is by the registration number, if this is unknown you should search by surname initially and then refine by first name if required.

You can only search the register for Northern Ireland on this website - use one of the following links to search EnglandScotland or Wales


    Degree in Social Work Student
    Part 1: Registered individuals with a social work qualification
    Part 2: All other Registered Social Care Workers

    PiP Requirements: Registrant details relating to Mandatory PiP Requirements is affected by this situation and may continue to appear on the Public Facing Register after a registrant has met this requirement.  Should you require evidence that a registrant has completed their Requirements please email: pip@niscc.hscni.net

    Removed: A registrant can be 'removed' from the register for a number of reasons, including: when they have failed to renew their registration; when they have failed to pay an annual fee after appropriate notices have been issued by Council; where their fitness to practise is found to be impaired by a Fitness to Practise Committee

    Admonishment: This is a stern warning given to the registrant. The admonishment is be placed on the registrant’s entry in the Social Care Register for UP TO five years. The admonishment will remain on the Council’s records and may be taken into account in future proceedings. A registrant is able to continue working whilst the admonishment is in place.

    Registered with warning: A warning marks that a Registrant’s behaviour is unacceptable and must not happen again and can be imposed on a Registrant’s registration for a period of up to 5 years. A Registrant is able to continue working whilst the warning is in place.

    Undertakings: Undertakings are an agreement between NISCC and the Registrant about the Registrant’s future practice. They can include restrictions on the Registrant’s practice or a commitment to undergo training.  Undertakings are for an unspecified period and can remain in place indefinitely. A Registrant is able to continue working whilst subject to undertakings.

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