22 March 2020


    1. We will continue to provide our registration services via our website.
    2. To expedite applications for registration there will be a new streamlined registration form available on the portal from Monday 23rd March – less than 5 mins to complete the online form.
    3. The application fee from Monday 23rd March will be waived for 6 months for new applicants.
    4. All individuals undertaking social work and social care roles must apply for registration.
    5. In order for the registration application to be approved the employer must endorse the form online
    6. We remind employers that applicants coming into social care roles for the first time have up to 6 months to register and can commence employment while this process is underway.
    7. Social workers and social care workers previously registered and wishing to return to the register must be registered before commencing employment. The new application process will expedite this which includes the fee waiver.
    8. Employers should ensure that new registrants are sufficiently inducted into their role in order to provide safe care:
    9. We will not be removing anyone from the Register during this emergency, except where we believe there is a risk to the public or if the individual asks to be removed.
    10. For full information on all Regulatory changes during COVID-19 please see our website



21 February 2020

You can now Resume your PiP IAR Application form by using the "Save and Exit" funtion whilst in the application. This will allow you to resume your form at a later date and can be accessed via "Registration - Continue Registration/PiP Applications"

This page will also show your Historic applications including submitted, unsubmitted and cancelled, this will cover Registration and PiP.


5th June 2019

We have updated our Organisation Applicant Employer Table to display the Application Status as well as the Application Processing Statuses. 

An Application Status of In Progress will always have a Processing Status, Those where the Application is unsubmitted will not have a Processing Status,

We have further updated the Applications for Endorsement Table to display the Date Submitted as well as the Application Processing Status,

Both updates allow the employer to see the stage of the Application, for example Awaiting Endorsement, ID or Payment.


Password Resets:

1st May 2019

If you need to reset your password to access the online portal, please use the "Forgotten Username/Password" function on the login page. 

When you insert your username you will receive an email from us containing your username and a temporary password. Please update your password once you are logged in,


Browser Update:

1st February 2019

In order to make the most out of NISCC Online you must use one of the following browsers :

Internet Explorer Versions 8-10

Firefox 4+

Google Chrome 12+

Safari 5 +


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